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Englisch Lernen in 100 Sätzen Buch

Englisch Lernen in 100 Sätzen

Englisch Lernen in 100 Sätzen ist ein Buch, dass Ihnen die einhundert wichtigsten Sätze im Englischen beibringt.

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Learn German in 100 sentences

Learn German in 100 Sentences

This is a German Learning guide with the top 100 German sentences you can use for your trip to a German-speaking country.

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Learn Danish in 500 Words

This is a Danish Learning guide with the top 500 Danish words you should learn as a beginner. Additionally, this guide also includes some interesting facts about Denmark and more.

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Firefox OS App-Entwicklung

This is a small guide on how to navigate the development of Firefox OS apps. Unfortunately, the Firefox OS platform was discontinued, but this e-book is still available for the ones interested.

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The longest Words in 30 Languages

A collection of the longest words in 30 languages, with beautifully designed pages and facts about the respective language.

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